Today : Monday 4 Mar 2024
Vice President of Cultural and Students Affairs
Qom University of Technology
Vice-President for Cultural and Students Affairs at Qom University of Technology is responsible for welfare services for students, and organizes cultural and extra-curricular activities for students, and promoting Iranian and Islamic values as well as encouraging socio-cultural beliefs and skills among students and academic members. Needless to say that the social and cultural characteristics of the university, as well as scientific and research activities are in line with the grand plans of the Islamic Republic of Iran in achieving both spiritual and physical development. In this regard, the university students, as the largest academic members and the future generation of Iran, have always had the most prominent role in the cultural and social programs of the university and they have had great achievements in these affairs.
 Main Duties:
๏     Encouraging community participation, social discipline, and improvement of mental and social health and vitality of students
๏     Promoting cultural indexes and utilizing cultural opportunities of the University
๏     Helping students to get socialized by means of planning for social and political activities; making the students familiar with religious, national, international and cultural heritage; supporting students’ creativity by establishing different cultural and scientific associations, and organizing field trips and camping
๏     Preparing and developing regulations, frameworks and standards of students’ services and dormitories affairs.  
๏     Developing necessary plans to supply and develop sports activities and management of sports competitions and olympiads
๏     Adopting necessary measures to supply students’ health, treatment and counseling services
๏     Developing plans and making necessary control to manage the students’ nutrition affairs and constant inspection to observe health and sanitation in restaurants
๏     Making necessary program to administrate students’ dormitories affairs and promoting the situation of housing services for students
๏     Following up the affairs related to the opening ceremony of university and arranging graduation festivals
๏     Office of Vice President
  • Disciplinary Committee
  • Special Review Council
๏     Socio-Cultural Office
  • Cultural Unions
  • Scientific Associations
  • Political Unions
๏     Students Welfare Office
  • Loans
  • Insurance
๏      Students Affairs Office
  • Students Accommodation
  • Nutrition
  • Transportation
๏     Counseling and Health Department
๏     Physical Training Office