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Vice President for Education and Research
The main objectives of the Vice President for Education and Research can be categorized into two activities
1-    Educational objectives
The office of the Vice President for Education and Research follows and improves coordination between the education offices of the faculties and other subordinate centers and supervises their correct regard to the educational regulations and bylaws. Also this office manages communications and correspondences with offices and organizations outside the university.
2-    Research objectives
The Office of the Vice President for Education and Research is responsible for the integration and enhancement of research activities across the faculties and multiple research centers in the university. Also, this office is to support a rigorous program of faculty and student research and creative accomplishment by enhancing the environment for scholarly and artistic endeavors, encouraging the highest standards of quality, and fostering ethical conduct in research. The effective management of sponsored programs which provide the financial support for a substantial share of the research activity at the university, facilitating strong programs for interdisciplinary research, regulatory research compliance including appropriate standards for the protection of human and animal subjects, serving as a catalyst for economic growth and transformation through development of the Innovation center, sponsorship of cooperative initiatives to enhance technology utilization, transfer of University-developed technologies for commercialization are a summary of the main objectives of this vice president.
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