Today : Tuesday 27 Feb 2024
The standard of living in modern societies is highly indebted to the revolutions brought about by advances in electrical and computer engineering. Electrical engineers design, manufacture, test, and supervise the manufacturing and operation of a variety of electrical devices: from the power generation and distribution networks that power our homes and industries to the microchips that control our computers, video games and hospital equipment; from mobile phones to the internet and fiber optic and satellite communications; from robots in spacecraft to cars and industrial systems. Computer engineers design and develop the hardware and software systems that have made computers so central to contemporary life. They research, design, develop, test, and oversee the installation of computer hardware and software and supervise its manufacture.
The Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Qom University of Technology (QUT) was founded in 2009, in order to address the technical needs of the Iranian industry especially industries located in Qom area. While initially offering an undergraduate program, the ECE department has since evolved into top electrical and computer engineering institute in the area and constant in flux of the best students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Today, the ECE department hosts more than 600 undergraduate students, more than 200 graduate students, and 19 faculty members.
Undergraduate Program:The Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Qom University of Technology (QUT) offers undergraduate degree programs in Electrical and Computer Engineering. The program in Electrical Engineering gives students a broad understanding of the key principles that are responsible for the extraordinary advances in the technology of computers, micro-electronics, automation and robotics, telecommunications and power systems. The program in Computer Engineering provides students with greater depth and breadth of knowledge in the hardware and software aspects of computers.
Graduate Program:The faculty of ECE also offers graduate program leading to the degree of Master of Science. Graduate students have the opportunity to conduct research in one of below seven departmental research areas:
  • Bachelor of Electronics Engineering
  • Bachelor of Computer Engineering
  • Master of Electronics Engineering- Control
  • Master of Electronics Engineering- Power Electronics
  • Master of Electronics Engineering- Power Electronics and Electric Machines
  • Master of Electronics Engineering- System Telecommunication
  • Master of Electronics Engineering-Wave & Field Telecommunication
  • Master of Electronics Engineering- Integrated Electronic Circuits
  • Master of Computer Engineering- Software
Undertaking this program provides students with an opportunity to conduct intensive research under the supervision of researchers who are leaders in their field. The program is an ideal preparation for a PhD degree or an industrial research career.