Today : Tuesday 28 Sep 2021
The Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) offers undergraduate degree programs in two main areas of study: Electrical Engineering (in four majors, “Communications”, “Power”, “Electronics” and “Control”) and Computer Engineering (in two majors, “Software” and “Computer Architecture”). All programs provide students with a strong background in mathematics, basic sciences, and engineering science and design.
Electrical Engineering: The 4-year undergraduate program in Electrical Engineering (EE) provides a broad foundation in electrical engineering through combined classroom and laboratory work and prepares the students for their professional career, as well as for further study at the graduate level. During the first and part of the second year, students take courses in basic sciences and general engineering. Emphasis is placed on mathematics and physics, as well as programming and introductory electric circuits.The remainder of the second year, and the 1st part of the third year are dedicated to intermediate level courses in electrical engineering. The 2nd part of the third year and the fourth year comprise advanced level courses taken from one of the areas of Communications, Power Engineering, Electronics and Control Engineering. In addition, the EE students are expected to do an internship of approximately 12 weeks in the industry and to work towards a BSc thesis under supervision of a member of the academic staff in the fourth year.

 Computer Engineering: The 4-year undergraduate Computer Engineering (CE) program focuses on the essentials of computer engineering knowledge, encompassing the organization, design, analysis, programming, application, and theoretical aspects of digital computers and computing systems. The aim of this program is to prepare students for further work in software and hardware technology, either in the industry or in pursuit of a graduate degree. A key theme of this curriculum is the hardware/software interaction in computer systems design, a theme reflected in the balance between computer hardware and computer software aspects in the course requirements. To provide an in-depth study, the program is offered in two majors, “Software” and “Computer Architecture”. During the first year and most of the second year, students take courses in basic mathematics and physics, general engineering, and computational sciences. To provide the students with essential background knowledge of computer engineering, a major related combination of basic software and hardware courses is offered during the rest of the second year and throughout the third year. The fourth year provides a specialized line of study consisting of advanced major specific courses