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Faculty of Technical Engineering


Faculty of Technical Engineering
Among the cities within 150 km from the Iranian capital of Tehran, the metropolis of Qom is the largest one. Most industrial and technical needs demanded by this city have always been met through the short distance and easy transportation to Tehran. However, during the last decades, Tehran has been faced with serious problems such as overcrowding and pollution. So that, industries were persuaded to move out or develop in other cities. Owing to its exceptional infrastructure, Qom became one of the most interesting destinations for industries to establish and develop. From the industries’ viewpoint, its proximity to not only Tehran, but also to Arak and to Isfahan, as two other major industrial centers in Iran, along with having great access to electrical power and petroleum and natural gas pipelines are of great interests. Through these developments, a growing need emerged for a technical university to prepare students for rewarding careers and to provide scientific and technical support for industrial projects and problems. Accordingly, Qom University of Technology, including the Faculty of Technical Engineering was stablished in 2008. Since then, this young university has been progressing fast to qualify as one of the most successful universities among national young academia.
The Faculty of Technical Engineering provides a wide variety of education and research programs that are designed to prepare students to meet the expectations. Students are expected to acquire great expertise, vigorous curiosity to learn a wide range of knowledge, the mental acumen and deep sensitivity for understanding the needs of industries, the ability to discover and solve problems and strong communication and team working capabilities. Currently, the following programs are offered by the Faculty of Technical Engineering at Qom University of Technology and new programs are in development:
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Polymer Engineering
Faculty Members (Academic Staff)
  1. Mahdi Mohseni, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering.
  2. Jaafar Ghanbari, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering.
  3. Javad Rasti, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering.
  4. Mohammad Fadaee, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering.
  5. Mostafa Talebi, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering.
  6. Mahdi Sahebi, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering.
  7. Mohammad Sadegh Mohebbi, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering.
  8. Jafar Khademzadeh Yeganeh, Assistant Professor, Polymer Engineering.
  9. Mohsen Najafi, Assistant Professor, Polymer Engineering.
  10. Alireza Azizi, Assistant Professor, Polymer Engineering.
  11. Mohsen Mohammadi, Assistant Professor, Polymer Engineering.
  12. Fazlollah Agamohammadi Basmenj, Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering.
  13. Ghorbanali Mohamadi Khashooee, Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering.
  14. Mohammad Reza Marjani, Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering.
  15. Fazel Hajizadeh Ibrahimi, Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering.
  16. Ali Attarzadeh, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering.
  17. Abdorreza Karimi, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering.
  18. Morteza Jiryaei, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering.
  19. Amir Kari, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering.
  20. Beitollah Badarloo, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering.
  21. Masood Amelsakhi, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering.
  22. Bayramali Mohammad Nejad, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering.
  • Mr. behrooz Bayat(Eng.), counseling undergraduate student
Phone: +982536641601(166)
  • Mr. Nosratollah Seddighi, counseling undergraduate student
Phone: +982536641601(166)
  • Ms. Gashtasebi , counseling graduate student
Phone: +982536641601(136)
Department of Industrial Engineering
Industrial engineering is one of the fastest-growing areas of engineering. Industrial Engineering is defined as fundamentals and techniques to design, establish and improve integrated systems of resources include human, material, information, energy and equipment for efficient and effective production or service.
Industrial engineers (IEs) work in multidisciplinary teams to plan, control and improve activities of an organization. They deal with systems and can develop better ways of doing almost anything in various fields of engineering. They may work in any business environment, company, governmental agencies, or service-oriented enterprise that aims to improve operations, productivity and reduce costs.
The Qom University of Technology department of industrial engineering was established in 2008 as one of the first department in faculty of engineering, Along with the establishment of the university. The numerous natural resources in Iran and particularly the variety of manufacturing and service organizations in Qom region led to the establishment of an Industrial Engineering department. In almost ten years now, we have achieved an acceptable local prestige for contributions to the interdisciplinary research of systems and industries.
The Department of Industrial Engineering started in 2009 offering an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering. In a plan to expand its activities, the Department began offering graduate programs for the Master of Science (MSc) in 2013 with the major of system optimization.
Our Mission
  • Preparing our students with challenging, flexible education for a fruitful career
  • Benefit the local industries and services organizations through quality faculty, student, and staff interaction
  • Recruiting and retaining the best faculty members
Board members
The Board of the Department of Industrial Engineering consists of:
  • Associate Prof. Ghorbanali Mohamadi Khashooee
Areas of interest: Industrial safety, Ergonomics, Human factors, Optimization, Metaheuristic, Production planning.
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  • Assistant Prof. Mohammad Reza Marjani
Areas of interest: Optimization, Supply chain management, Logistic management
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  • Assistant Prof. Fazel Hajizadeh Ibrahimi
Areas of interest: Technology management 
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  • Assistant Prof. Fazlollah Agamohammadi Basmenj
Areas of interest: Quality management, Decision making techniques, Ergonomics and safety
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Department of mechanical engineering
Department of mechanical engineering started its work since 2010 with 30 students in the undergraduate level. It was the first department in Qom University of Technology which started the acceptance of students in M.Sc. program in 2013. There are currently approximately three hundred students in this department of whom about 60 people are studying their master.
Based on its scientific level, active and energetic faculty members as well as the facilities available in this department, this field of study has a high attraction among the university entrance volunteers. This department is generally listed as the first choice of the university entrance volunteer students interested in the mechanical engineering field of study after the universities in Tehran.
The department also has Fluid Mechanics major, Solid Mechanics major, and Manufacturing Mechanics major. Since 2015, in this department there has been a relatively high growth in research activities, a significant increase in the number of contracts with industries, academic and research centers, and participation in the establishment of the center of excellence for Nanotechnology Environmental Application.
Board members:
The Board of the Department of Mechanical Engineering consists of:
  • Assistant Prof. Mahdi Mohseni
Areas of interest: Turbulence modeling, Supercritical fluid flows, Numerical simulation, Convection heat transfer, HVAC system design, and Renewable energies.
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  • Assistant Prof. Jaafar Ghanbari
Areas of interest: Computational nanomechanics, Nonlinear continuum mechanics, Finite element method
  • Assistant Prof. Javad Rasti
Areas of interest: Hot metal forming, Casting processes and simulation, Fracture mechanics.
  • Assistant Prof. Mohammad Fadaee
  • Areas of interest:Vibration and buckling of plates & shells, Static and dynamic analysis of FGMs and laminated composites, Transient response of mechanical structures, Mechanical behavior of sensors and actuators, Nano-Mechanics.
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  • Assistant Prof. Mostafa Talebi
Areas of interest: Applied mechanics, Vibration and stability of structures and nanostructures, Structure optimization, Vibro-Acoustics.
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  • Assistant Prof. Mahdi Sahebi
Areas of interest: Molecular dynamics, Simulation of nanoflows and nanoscale heat transfer, Biological flows simulation, Experimental heat transfer.
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  • Assistant Prof. Mohammad Sadegh Mohebbi
Areas of interest: Metals and manufacturing processes, Metal forming.
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Department of Polymer Engineering
The polymer engineering department was established within the Faculty of technical Engineering in 2011 with an aim to provide technical services and manpower to various polymer industries and academic research institutions and national laboratories. It is now offering B.Sc., and M.Sc. programs in industrial polymer and science. The department has well-equipped laboratories and currently has four faculty members with a wide variety of expertise and research interests. Faculty members are especially working on, bio-based polymers, polymer nanocomposites, processing, rheology, novel polymer synthesis, soft mater, etc. in collaboration with various universities, R&D organizations and industries.
Board members
The Board of the Department of Industrial Engineering consists of:
1- Jafar Khademzadeh Yeganeh, Ph.D
2- Mohsen Najafi, Ph.D
3- Alireza Azizi, Ph.D
4- Mohsen Mohammadi, Ph.D