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Safe Guard

Safe Guard

صفحه اصلی

Security Office of University
About the Security office
Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him and his family, said: there are two blessings which their worth has not been well appreciated by humans; Health and safety.
Since each organization needs a safe and sound environment so as to achieve its goals, security office of the university has taken the responsibility to maintain university's safety under values and moral principles of the holy system of the Islamic Republic.  As the health and safety of every organization and its personnel is constantly susceptible to various internal and external threats, we need a system capable of preventing as well as finding all the threats in order to enable us to take needed measures to tackle the problems in time. Therefore, security's presence in all units and parts of the university is to accomplish two main goals; first, maintain and improve security to further university's cause and second, take needed steps to guarantee complete safety of human and financial resources. Security office with its information dominance over the institution can be a valuable asset for managers to seek consultation from. Authorities of the security office would obviously be successful if they have the knowledge, skill, wisdom and perspective. As a result, university's human resource is in charge of achieving the institution's goal while security office is mainly responsible for health and safety of human resource. Since the security office is mainly in contact with the society's elites, it is constantly trying to create a safe and comfortable environment for members of the university to come forward and express their ideas which would certainly lead to developing our Islamic country and try out new methods in this regard.