Public Relations

Head of Public Relations:


  • Collecting all the information in regard with the University’s scientific, research, cultural and development activities
  • Preparing news stories
  • Preparing University’s news journal
  • Preparing Special Issues and performance reviews
  • Releasing University’s news through mass media
  • Arranging for interviews to be done by IRIB and press with authorities, professors and elites on scientific, research, executive and cultural issues
  • Managing University’s website and official channel
  • Controlling and monitoring news and publishable information in the University’s website
  • Undertaking general announcements through University’s website and official channel


  • Preparing videos and photos of research and educational meetings, seminars and workshops
  • Preparing news CDs
  • Preparing banners, stands and posters


  • Reporting University’s achievements and developments to special and general audience
  • Establishing relations with other similar organizations and universities
  • Investigating press and media
  • Responding to complaints

Holding events

  • Planning and making necessary decisions in order to hold various events including farewell and introductions, Q&A meetings, head of University’s meetings with different academics
  • Managing University’s conference halls

Publicity and Logistics

  • Holding special exhibitions in order to introduce University’s scientific, research and development activities
  • Publicizing all the affairs in seminars, conferences and related activities
  • Cooperating in holding national and international seminars
  • Creating a proper atmosphere to celebrate different national and religious ceremonies
  • Handling the logistics and inviting important figures to the University
  • Preparing promotional gifts

Opinion poll

  • Analyzing public opinion on University’s performance in and outside the institution
  • Evaluating, analyzing and reporting relevant issues to head of the University