Today : Wednesday 27 Sep 2023



Director of the University
Dr. Jalal Rezaie Noor
Associate Professor
Dr. Rezaie Noor, Director of Qom University of Technology's message
In the name of Allah
University screens life of a society. As said by the Supreme Leader (May he live long) "It is obvious that the development of the Islamic Iran depends on the efforts of scientists, professors and elites of the country."
Universities play a vital role in educating and training committed and devoted students. Qom University of Technology as a developing university in the city of science, Ijtihad and industrial development has made great progress attaining its scientific, educational, research and cultural aims.
With the help of the country's and the province's authorities as well as relentless efforts of the professors and students, this university has reached higher national and international levels.
I sincerely hope that Qom University of Technology would be able to play its role in growth and prosperity of the Islamic Iran.